Lucky’s Speed Sauce and Rim Job Combo


Lucky’s Speed Sauce & Rim Job Combo
Premixed Caesar seasoning mix. Lucky’s Speed Sauce & Rim Job is so addictive you won’t want to stop at one. Never drink a bland caesar again.



Lucky’s Speed Sauce & Rim Job Combo

Lucky’s Speed Sauce

Premixed Caesar seasoning mix. Lucky’s Speed Sauce is so addictive you won’t want to stop at one. Never drink a bland caesar again.

  • 700 ML
  • Small craft batches made in Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Approximately 47 servings per bottle
  • Shake well & refrigerate after opening

A standard Caesar is comprised of 2 ingredients where Luckys has 10 which
makes for a flavorful caesar!!

The product is shelf stable and will last over a year! Once opened it will require
refrigeration, but that doesn’t shorten its expiry date.


Brown sauce (vinegar, glucose-fructose, tomato paste, cooking molasses, dates, modified cornstarch, salt, concentrated orange juice, spices, onion, tamarind extract, concentrated apple juice, garlic, caramel) • Worcestershire sauce (vinegar, water, cooking molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind extract, onion, garlic, spice, flavour) • Pickle brine (water, vinegar, dehydrated garlic, calcium chloride, polysorbate 80, seasonings) • Hot sauce (vinegar, hot peppers, water, salt, cornstarch, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid) • Soy sauce (water, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, sugar, caramel, lactic acid, sodium benzoate)

ALSO CONTAINS • Barley • Mustard • Sulftes • Soy • Anchovies • Horseradish • Salt • Seasoning

Lucky’s Rim Job

Lucky’s Rim Job is the perfect compliment to the Lucky’s Speed Sauce. Our mechanics secret spice mix will have you wanting more. Rev up your caesar.


Dehydrated Vegetables (Red Bell Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Onion, Green Bell Pepper, Tomato, Garlic)

Salt, Celery Salt, Sugar, Ground Flaxseed, Sodium Acetate, Spices, Black Pepper, Acetic Acid, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavour, Ascorbic Acid,
Calcium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide


Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 15 cm


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